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Moulds/Biotoxins Basic- Blood (Test Code 3403)

Collection Method

Dry Ice Blood Test

Turn Around Time

12-15 Business Days



Mould Biotoxins are shed into the environment of WDBs and are acquired into the body via foods, water, air, or insect bites. They cause inflammatory responses via influencing/affecting signalling pathways in the body, releasing inflammatory cytokines. They aggravate existing lung diseases, and can cause inflammation of the lungs.

In the general population, biotoxins are removed from the body via the bloodstream through the liver or alternatively broken down by the body’s immune system and excreted out of the body.

However, in patients with a compromised immune system (either genetically or environmentally), biotoxins can remain within the body for lengthy periods of time and exacerbate the above conditions. This susceptible group seem to be unable to clear mould toxins easily and efficiently. Their symptoms though are often vague, since toxins can affect any body organ.

Since mould toxins cause inflammation through activation of cytokines, there are a number of lab tests which can show the effects of inflammation.



Test Method


**Please note all markers performed in this assay are in duplication**


Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide (VIP)
Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH)
Anti-diuretic Hormone (ADH)

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