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Skin Fit DNA Profile-Buccal Swab (Test Code 8018)

Collection Method

Buccal Swab

Turn Around Time

10-14 Business Days


Skin is the largest organ in the human body. The skin not only acts as a barrier to protect the body from the sun’s ultraviolent radiation, toxic chemicals, and pathogens, but also helps to detect changes in the environment such as temperature and pressure.
Inevitably, constant exposure to environmental (extrinsic) factors and biological (intrinsic) factors contribute to skin aging, most noticeable on the face. Intrinsic aging is based on individual heredity and the natural effects of the passage of time. Individuals’ unique genetic makeup can also influence skin appearance and other skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin allergy and inflammation, skin elasticity, skin oxidation and glycation.

SkinFit is a unique, physician-ordered genetic test which analyzes over 70 genetic markers associated with seven categories of skin health. SkinFit reports on the individuals’ genetic predisposition to sun-induced skin aging and sensitivity, dry skin and wrinkle development, skin inflammation and allergy, skin texture and elasticity, skin’s protection against oxidation and glycation, and the skin’s nutritional needs.

How the Skin Fit Profile can assist?
Based on the individuals’ unique genetics, the easy-to-read SkinFit report provides physicians with personalized skin care treatment choices to guide their patients’ use of skin care products and nutritional support as needed.

What can you do with this result?
SkinFit test provides personalized insights on the individual’s genetic predisposition affecting skin health. SkinFit empowers physicians with skin care treatment options and dietary micronutrient recommendations based on the patient’s genetic profile.

Test Method

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)


Refer to sample report.

Notice To Patients

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